Case Results

Most Recent Case Results
Please keep in mind that all cases are different and there are no guarantees of success in any particular case. We will fight just as hard to get you the best result possible on your case. Results matter. Ours speak volumes.
$14 Million
Settlement of Confidential Details
$11 Million
Settlement of Confidential Details
$4.1 Million
Complex Litigation case
$2.2 Million
Wrongful Death (Policy Limits Settlement)
$3 Million
Product Liability
$1.3 Million
ATV Rollover
$1.1 Million
Semi Truck Crash
$1 Million
Car Crash
$1 Million
Construction Defect
$1 Million
DUI Victim
Spinal Cord Injury
Scooter vs. Vehicle Accident (Policy Limits Settlement)
Wrongful Death (Policy Limits Settlement)
Semi-truck Crash (Settlement)
Permanent Injury Crash (Policy Limits Settlement)
Traumatic Brain Injury (Settlement)
Motorcycle Crash (Settlement)
Dog Attack

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