Attorney Kigan Martineau

Attorney Kigan Martineau


Kigan, a Partner at BAM Injury Law, is an accomplished and dedicated Injury Attorney, specializing in helping individuals who have suffered injuries in car accidents. With an extensive background in personal injury law, he brings a wealth of experience and unwavering commitment to serving our clients.

Kigan’s expertise extends to handling complex car collision cases, eScooter and bicycle accidents, as well as trucking cases. He has successfully taken on large and small trucking companies, such as Matheson, UPS, and Swift Transportation, consistently delivering outstanding results for his clients.

Highest settlement in Southern Utah

Kigan recently achieved the highest settlement in Southern Utah history, which was one of the highest in all of Utah and Idaho. He and his firm have obtained over $100M in resolutions for their clients.

A Life Beyond Law: Kigan’s Adventures

Beyond his legal prowess, Kigan’s adventurous spirit comes to life when he’s not in the office. Whether scaling cliff faces in rock-climbing adventures, indulging in outdoor sports, or serenading audiences with his musical talents, he applies the same determination and creativity to his personal passions as he does to his work.

Kigan’s track record of prioritizing his clients’ needs and unwavering dedication strengthen our team at BAM Personal Injury Lawyers. With him on board, we are poised to continue leading the way as Southern Utah’s premier personal injury law firm, providing top-notch representation for you and your family.

Community-Centered Commitment

Despite hailing from a small town in rural Utah, Kigan graduated at the pinnacle of his law school class at American University in Washington, DC. He maintains strong ties to his community by volunteering at local schools to inspire students to pursue legal careers, offering crucial support through the Wills for Heroes program in Southern Utah, and actively supporting the Utah Association for Justice.

Boasting nearly a decade of experience in personal injury law, including the past two years at BAM Personal Injury Lawyers, Kigan has successfully handled numerous cases. His extensive portfolio spans a variety of injury cases, with a particular emphasis on car accidents and semi-truck incidents, where he has secured favorable outcomes ranging from wrongful death suits to minor fender benders.

Kigan's commitment to community service is evident in his educational pursuits, voluntary involvement in Mock Trial competitions, and provision of pro bono representation. Leveraging a bachelor's degree in international relations from BYU, he attended law school in Washington, DC. His diverse interests, spanning from rock climbing to football and music, make him a dynamic asset to our firm.

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